Automatic gear

Why drive with automatic gear?

Driving with automatic gear makes everything a lot more easy and safer.

I believe that with automatic gear you have more time to focus on the traffic around you because you don’t have to spend time on the gear. The traffic today is a lot more intense and there are a lot of things to think about and many decisions to make.

I also believe that you as a student will have a lot more fun and a better experience by taking your driver’s license with automatic gear. It will be cheaper because you don’t have to spend the same number of lessons as with manual gear because it’s easier to learn. This also means you will go faster through the course.

(you can reduce your extra driving lesson with approximately 50% by taking with automatic gear)

What does that mean for you?


There is a law that says that when you have finished your course and you have your driver license you will have a code on your driver license (code 78). This code means that you are only allowed to drive in a car with automatic gear.

It is possible to get rid of the code (code 78) so you can drive with manual also. All you need to, is to take one more practical test with a manual gear. If you are taking the practical test within the first 12-month, BS driving school will give you for free:

  • Fee for the practical test.


If you fail the practical test, you still have your driver’s license with automatic gear.

Converting / redo

It does not mean anything for you. when you have passed the theory and practical test you can still drive with manaual gear. it will just be easier for you to get ready for the pratical test.

Remember, when you buy a car with automatic gear you’re investing in a car and think about your and other road users’ safety. You also think about the environment and it is the future.