Course for beginners

Driving license for beginners

In order to obtain a driving license, you need to have legal permanent residence in Denmark. You can start driving three month before your 17th birthday.

To start the course you must remember to sign up at my website

At your first theory lesson you will have to forfill an Application for driving License, (ansøgning om kørekort), and a lesson plan (lektions plan).

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You will pay your driver license in fire installments:

  1. Theory, manoeuvra track, online test
  2. At first 8 driving lessons
  3. At another 8 driving lessons
  4. Ektra driving lessons, Teknical track

Within the first 3 weeks and before you start driving on the road you have to attend on the Manoeuvre track. 

The manoeuvre track is closed area. Here you get you own car where you make some manoeuvres  – There can be max 3 students at the time.

When you have been on the manoeuvre track and accomplished 10 lessons in theory, it’s time to start driving on the road. We drive 2 lessons at the time unless something else is planned

Driving lessons: You make plans with your teacher from time to time.

  • Cancellations a driving lesson must be directly to the driving teacher no later at 8:00 am on the same day you have the lesson.
  • Cancellations later will be charge normally.

New driving lessons can be arrange by phone or e-mail.

You can take the Theory test when you have

  1. Application for driving license (P23) (“ansøgning om kørekort”)
  2. Medical certificate
  3. First aid course

To the test you must bring:

  1. The applications driving license- (ansøgning om kørekort)
  2. Passport and residence permit –(if you have one)
  3. Lessons plan, (lektions plan) 

When you order a theory test, it is binding – if you have to cancel tests it must be done at least 10 days before. If you do not pass the test, you’ll have to wait several weeks – and you will have to pay a new fee for the test. So be well prepared!!

If you haven’t passed the theory test 6 month after you started the course. You must come back and join the theory class (it’s free)

The sample consists of 25 imageswith max 4 questions each – there must be a maximum of 5 incorrect answers. The test will be in English so be ready to take the test a few times before passing it.

The test takes approx. 30 minutes. You get the result immediately after the test.

Technical consisting of 4 lessons which is compulsory and will attended when you driving teacher informs the you are ready.

You will be alone in the car and the speed varies from 40 to 70 km/h.

Before you can have the practical test you must have completed at least:

  • 29 lessons in theory
  • 4 lessons on Manoeuvre
  • 4 lessons on Technical track
  • 16 lessons practical driving on the road

You might not be ready for the test with only 16 driving lessons. You must have those driving lessons that are sufficient to pass the test. When you go to the final driving test you must bring:

  1. The application for driving license (ansøgning om kørekort)
  2. Lessons plan (lektions plan)
  3. Passport

Before the driving test the examiners may ask a few questions concerning the car.

See the shortlist

The test takes approx half an hour and you will get the answer immediately after the test end – if you have past or not!!