Prices for Converting / Redo drvier's license

Converting and redo driver's licenses.

If you haven’t been at the Borgerservice you must go there first and fill out an applications (P23). Please make sure the Borgerservice register you in the booking system right away.

At the Borgerservice you will get a temporary driver license and your original one will be sent to the Danish police to be approved.

When your original driver license has been approved (it can take up to 6 month) you must go to the Borgerservice again with your application (P23) and get a stamp. When all this is done you can sign up by follow the link below. 


kr 3500,-
  • Free theory class
  • Online theory test for home use
  • Evaluating driving lessons (1X45 min)
  • Warm up before the driving test (1X45 min)
  • Car rental at the driving test
  • Administration


The payment will come in two installments:
1. payment DKK 1350,- before theory test – (when you have made the first payment. You will receive an accecode for online test)
2. payment DKK 2150,- before practical test

if you signing up at BS Køreskole and have passed the thoery test. The price will still be DKK 3500,-

( payments are non-refundable)

Other Expenses

  • Extra Driving lessons kr. 700,-
  • Theory book kr.400,-
  • New code for online test kr. 250,-
  • Fee for a new test kr. 1170,-
  • Car rental at the final practical test kr. 750,-
  • Interpreter kr. 1000,-