Prices for beginners

Driving license for beginners

In order to obtain a driving license, you need to have legal permanent residence in Denmark. You can start driving three month before your 17th birthday.

To start the course you must remember to sign up at my website

At your first theory lesson you will have to forfill an Application for driving License, (ansøgning om kørekort), and a lesson plan (lektions plan).

B - Licence for beginners

kr 16300
  • Compulsory theory lesson
  • Maneuver track
  • Slippery track
  • 16 driving lesson
  • Online test for home use for 90 days


The law says, that you must have 16 driving lesson before you can take the final driving test.
However, you must have those driving lesson that are sufficient to pass the driving test, so 16 lesson are rarely enough.

  • Extra driving lessons kr. 700

    (1 lesson = 45 min.)

Other Exspenses

  • Fee for the theory/practical test kr. 1000
  • Medical certificate kr. 400
  • Car rental at the practical test kr. 750
  • First aid course kr. 650
  • New code for online test kr. 200
  • Theory book kr. 350
  • Interpreter kr. 850


You will pay in installment. Take a closer look here:  installments