Convert / Redo Driver's license

Procedure for converting / Redo

If you have residence in Denmark you have 90 days to get your license exchanged if you wish to drive in Denmark.

Thought – it is no necessary to exchange a foreign driving license if it is obtain in an EU country or from other specific countries. To make sure you options. Please go to your local Commune and ask them

“If you haven’t been at the Borgerservice you must go there first and fill out an applications (P23). Please make sure the Borgerservice register you in the booking system right away.

At the Borgerservice you will get a temporary driver license and your original one will be sent to the Danish police to be approved.

When your original driver license has been approved (it can take up to 6 month) you must go to the Borgerservice again with your application (P23) and get a stamp. When all this is done you can sign up by follow the link below”. 


The law sets no requirement for any minimum amount of theory lessons or the driving lessons before the final test, in order to obtain a Danish Driving license. We do recommend that you take some theory lessons and driving lessons, so you are more secure for the final test.

For the practical test, the law requires the test must be taken though an approved driving school using a driving instructors car.


Support your application

You have to bring the following documents to Borgerservice to support your applications.

  • The Health Certificate and pass photo from your doctor.
  • Your passport with the work and residence permit and a certified copy of other relevant pages.
  • Proof of your Danish CPR number.
  • You’re current Driving License. Your license has to be translating into English.

In the mean time you can start study for the theory exam. BS driving school will help and guide you.

Overview (Click to expand sections)

The theory test can bee more difficult than you have expected. Try some free test here and see how it is working: Free test

When you order a test from your instructor – it is binding. If you have to cancel the test, it must be done at least 10 days before the test date.

At the test day you MUST bring:

  • Application (Ansøgning om kørekort)
  • Passport
  • Temporary Driving license

If you do not pass the test the fee for a new test is DKK 890,- and you will also lose your temporary driver license. You would not be able to get a new one.

Therefore – be well prepared!!!

When you go to the final driving test you must bring:

  1. The application for driving license (ansøgning om kørekort)
  2. Lessons plan (lektions plan)
  3. Passport

Before the driving test the examiners may ask a few questions concerning the car.

See the shortlist

The test takes approx half an hour and you will get the answer immediately after the test end – if you have past or not!!

The test takes approx half an hour and you will get the answer immediately after the test end – if you have past or not!!

Congratulations with your Driver’s license!