Get your driver's license in Horsens

All theory and driving lessons will be in English and by that, we are specialized in teaching in English.

At BS driving school we are driving with automatic gear, read more below why we do that.

Our courses is for beginners new residents in Denmark redo

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First time?

For you who is taking your drivers license for the first time. See our beginner teams here.


If you have residence in Denmark, you have 90 days to get your license exchanged if you wish to drive in Denmark.


You have lost your license and need to take it again. We have several options for you.

Welcome to BS Køreskole – here you are always at the center

When finding a driving instructor, it is not always just about the car you are driving or the price of the driver’s license. It is about the quality of teaching and the right driving instructor, who is thinking of giving you the best and most fun teaching

Driving with automatic gear

At BS Køreskole, you can take your driver’s license in a car with automatic gear.

Driving with automatic gear makes everything a lot more easy and safer.

I believe that with automatic gear you have more time to focus on the traffic around you because you don’t have to spend time on the gear. The traffic today is a lot more intense and there are a lot of things to think about and many decisions to make.

Sayings from former students

You are at the center

I want to make sure you get through a fun and exciting progress.

I will, as far as possible, organize the teaching sessions according to your needs and give you the necessary challenges, so that you are a considerate and responsible driver when you finally get the driver’s license